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Our Mission is doing our best to support, give back and help sustain our beloved Earth and all beings living on it. To achieve this, we are, in our ways and all-ways, assisting the global collective transition by incorporating a sustainable lifestyle in our daily practices, taking part in specific charitable actions locally & globally and by offering our services, knowledge and abundance  to local and indigenous communities.

How do we achieve this?

- We use 33% of our yearly benefits  from our Business "Synergy Essentials" towards supporting indigenous communities by creating centers where one can come and learn from the wisdom keepers of this Earth.  The Projects are guided by our Heart's inspirations.
- We thrive with your Donations and Support to contribute greatly in creating a New Earth we all dream of. At list doing the best we can !

- We are committed to organise retreats and events in specific Energy Places of Mother Earth to help heal and activate those who feel the call.
Listening to our guidance, we will always be looking in developing new initiatives and ideas and share our unconditional love and deep gratitude to our beloved Planet.

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